Characteristics to Look for a  Good Criminal Defense Lawyer

Every day we hear and read about criminal trials. Criminal cases are already circulating commonly to almost all the newspaper stories and television newscasts. We may not give much notice to the usual arguments because we are not personally involved in the case; still, we have to make ourselves well-equipped and ready if unfortunate circumstances happen to us. After all, we don’t hold our fate, and it is something that we cannot easily predict. Hence, the best way is to be all-knowing!

Aside from acquiring knowledge about criminal cases and their nature, it is also essential to know how to find a good and reliable criminal defense lawyer. Remember, if the time comes when we need one, we are entirely putting our fate to that lawyer. If we are wise enough in choosing one, we’ll surely live our lives as free men. If not otherwise, we might spend the rest of it in jail.

Lucky us, there are now criminal defense lawyers who make our searches easier for they already provide us with transparent background about them and their winning cases which we can use in evaluating if they are truly commendable.

Besides, we can always check if they possess good characteristics. To further help you, the following are the qualities that you should look into when searching for a good criminal defense lawyer.

1. Competent and Updated

A good criminal lawyer is well-versed, knowledgeable and updated to all legal proceedings. He should know every roundabout of the legal process. Though all lawyers are analytical, criminal lawyers have to stay on top and be sharper because most arguments in criminal cases tend to change quickly.

An update criminal lawyer is also a plus attribute. Lawyers are undoubtedly wise beings who acquire their knowledge mostly in law schools. However, nothing is permanent. A particular law may have been enforced through years, but it can be altered in just a night by a single Supreme Court ruling. Hence, it is vital to pick a criminal lawyer who can defend you without uncertainties of his capabilities because he knows what he’s doing.

2. Good Communication Skills


Remember, your lawyer represents and speaks for you in the court. He must have excellent listening skills when attending to your situation because it is where he’ll anchor his decision in dealing with your case. Also, he must have an exceptional speaking skill to defend you in legal trials. Moreover, it is also his responsibility to give you legal advice, and this can be a bit of a headache if he could not deliver it well to your understanding.

Communicating also means negotiating especially in criminal cases. Your lawyer must possess excellent communication skills in negotiating terms and conditions on your behalf not only to the ruling judge but also to the opposing party. He should be logical in bargaining your case in or out the courtroom.

3. Takes Your Case Confidentially

Your defense lawyer should know how to protect you not only by being aggressive in defending you in the court but also by protecting your privacy and security against external parties that could threaten your integrity. He should be careful in bringing out details about you and your case even to your family or close friends.

Being careless to your information may lead to further conflict, and you may be exposed to external prejudices. If not restrained, your leaked details may cause you more trouble and may push you behind bars. Thus, it is necessary to find a criminal lawyer who is professionally confidential about your case.

4. Empathetic and Understanding

A good criminal lawyer holds himself responsible in delivering you justice by resolving your case and giving his best efforts to get you out. He must understand the effects of being imprisoned in jail and must do everything in his ability to grant you a release. Your defense lawyer must also prioritize your safety above all.

Your criminal lawyer must demonstrate concern about you and your condition. He considers the emotional and stressful impact of the charges filed against you. Also, he understands that the case could significantly affect your life most especially when outside the court because your reputation and safety are critically at stake. Being empathetic to your situation drives your lawyer to work harder in winning your case.


Picking a criminal lawyer is quite easy, but choosing the right one who could competently and confidently represent you in the court is another story. It is not just about calling random numbers as seen on Google, but it takes comprehensive research and a thorough background check. Also, find a defense lawyer who possesses the attributes mentioned above to ensure that you are in good hands.

What you need is a criminal defense lawyer like or other adept legal eagles who could show you your rights, protect your well-being and a defense lawyer who will never leave you hanging from the first call on your case to the last day in court.