Brochure Tips: How to Get Your Brochure Stand Out

One of the marketing tools that are effective for the promotion of goods and service is the brochure. Lots of companies are using it to relay a message of reliability and professionalism. However, since almost all businesses use it as part of the marketing plan, the challenge is how to make yours stand out.

The challenge here for you is how you can make your brochure stand out amidst the sea of a competitive market. How can you grab the attention and make your customers know that your good and services are of excellence? Want to know? here are your helpful tips for making exceptional brochures.

Know Who Your Audience Are

Knowing who your target audience is an advantage as you start to plan on the brochure. “Who are the ones who will purchase your product? How old are they? What do they like? What type of people are they?” are some of the questions that are to be answered. Because they are the ones you will persuade, create a style and content fit to their interests and needs.

Use Attractive Headline

This is what they usually see first, and it will only take less than 5 seconds to have a glance at the cover of the brochure and decide whether or not to read it. To get immediate attention and keep the audience browse and read through the brochure, a charming and attractive headline is very crucial. Words are powerful.

So, make it appealing and unusual using few carefully chosen powerful and persuasive words.

Keep the Content Short

People nowadays are usually in a rush so they don’t have much time to read through long paragraphs content. Between paragraph form and bullet form, the latter is shorter, easier, and attractive.

Be mindful and keep your content brief and concise. Choose feature-rich bullet points or break up long paragraphs into bullet points and place them separately; use small paragraphs and punchy headings. Focus on the benefits of your product or service and avoid unnecessary words. The goal is to make your prospects understand what your business offers within a short time.

Eye-catching Graphics

Images could sometimes be more attractive and intuitive than words. It is what catches the attention of visual people. A stunning or outstanding photo will catch the audience’s eyes at the first glance. It draws the attention of your reader, creates a mood, and supports or speaks for your goods and services and deliver your message directly.

Pick high-quality picture which fits with what you’re promoting. Use an appropriate color tone that will be used and is fit for the entire design of your brochure. You can organize your page with boxes, borders, and areas of contrasting colors. It does not need to be filled with texts and graphics, some empty space can be incorporated to make certain elements stand out and make your brochure easy to read.

Choose Appropriate Fonts

Sometimes we get too much excited and go overboard with the fonts we’d like to use in designing a project. It’s entertaining to see a brochure in multiple fonts but for some, it can be unattractive, especially for potential customers.

Be particular on which font or fonts to use. Make sure it perfectly blends with the graphic design or photos created or chosen to make the outcome stand out. However, if your company has a signature font already, then go for it. Use that font all throughout the brochure or you can add one or two more to make it more interesting and exciting.

Be Creative and Unique

Your brand’s identity can be strengthened through creativity. Creativity is what will make you distinct from your competitors. Think and go for a design that is original and unique – the type of design that is recognizable and stands out even when it’s shuffled or mixed with other brochures or leaflets in a rack or table.

Quality Printing

Lastly, the well-designed brochure will not be achieved and appreciated if the printing is of low quality. To have an actual result equal with the software design, have it printed in high quality. Printing can be done at home with your own printer but consider professional printing because doing it yourself is a bit tedious.

For your printing assistance or needs, you can visit some printing professional sites like Print Pro. Your brochure promotes your products and services, so make an investment and have it printed perfectly and high in quality.


When these helpful tips are applied, an amusing brochure will be produced that will make your products and services known to your audience in an effective way. So have it done just as you imagined it to be. Because well-designed brochures speak of the quality of your business and as an entrepreneur.